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Step by Step

Two families become one, step by step.
Season 1 - Step by Step
"Carol and Karen enter a mother-daughter beauty contest."
Season 2 - Step by Step
"Carol sets up Karen with Freddy, who is a 153 on Karen's grading scale. Karen, however, prefers Jeffrey (a 195). Despite disappointing Carol, Karen accepts a date with Jeffrey and dumps Freddy by lying to him. She sneaks out of the house to go with Jeff and they win Perfect Couple right after Freddy confronts Karen. She refuses the award and finishes the evening with Freddy.\n\nCarol does not like the way Frank organizes his money. She tries to make him use a male purse, but he refuses. He concentrates his efforts on putting an alarm on Lucille because Cody had his stereo stolen out of it. The alarm was so good Frank got stuck in the van demonstrating it."
Season 3 - Step by Step
"After a little bad luck, JT is deceitfully set up with a 13-year-old. Dana, on the other hand, was able to get a date with the just broken up, best looking guy in school. At the prom, however, Dana is dumped for his ex-girlfriend. Dana is heartbroken-- not only because she lost her date, but also because she must dance the spotlight dance (as Student Body President) all by herself. JT comes to console her and offers to dance with her. Although the two walk out insulting each other under their breath, they gain an appreciation for each other.\n\nBrendan belts a boy who cheated off his paper at school. Carol, feeling terrible, invites the boy and his family over. The situation is not reconciled when the boy's parents cheat at monopoly. In fact, after Carol hears them insult Frank and Brendan, Carol belts the boy's dad."
Season 4 - Step by Step
"JT realizes that he can not find a good job, unless he goes to college. He struggles to study and fails his first test, but with the help of Mark and Cody discovers that he has dyslexia.\n\nCarol wants to get the future baby into The Sutton Academy, a prestigious pre-school, and sets up an appointment with a couple of representatives from that school. They insult the Lamberts, and Frank and Carol throw them out.\n\nMark and Gabrielle have a hard time controlling themselves while playing Ping-Pong and even while walking."
"Carol finally goes into labor. Frank rushes everyone to the hospital while Cody is taping everything on videotape. Carol had decided to have the baby without any anesthetic, but every time she has a contraction, she changes her mind (changing it back after the contraction, of course). The doctor convinces her that it is just as healthy for the baby to take drugs. JT, who was supposed to drive the kids, leaves the Foster kids at home. When the Fosters arrive, they begin fighting again with the Lamberts. Cody steps in and shows them how they have been happier when they have assisted one another. Lilly Foster Lambert is born!!"
Season 5 - Step by Step
"J.T. and Rich eagerly apply and are hired at a restaurant (which Dana and her feminist friends had planned to protest against) with sexy waitress. They learn how bad harassment really is in those places, but they get in one final night of not caring.\n\nFrank converts part of the basement into a lounge using items he bought from a closed tavern. While the men love it, Carol has a serious accident with a one of the lounge's \"\"toys\"\". The closer shows interesting riding on the toy by everybody, especially Dana.\n\nFlash sleeps on the Lamberts' couch while his apartment is being fumigated. He brings a lot of energy to the house and the lounge."
Season 6 - Step by Step
"Carol comes back from Hair Spectacular '96 with Jean-Luc, who is to become her new business partner. As they start a new business, Frank has to do all the chores. He is happy to do them, but becomes very picky about his cookies. Jean-Luc does help out JT by teaching him how to dance, but JT's date is a disaster anyway. Jean-Luc tells Karen, Al, AND Dana, on separate occasions, that he thinks they are beautiful. Also, Lilly learns to write her name, and Cody calls from his new job in Russia."
Season 7 - Step by Step
"When obnoxious yuppies offer to buy the family's home, Lilly is the only family member who isn't excited about getting a bigger house, but then Frank and Carol have second thoughts."