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Pacific Blue

Bicycle Officers patrol Santa Monica, CA

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1996

IMDb: 5.7

Season 1 - Pacific Blue
"A wily bandit on a mountain bike is robbing people stuck in traffic jams at gunpoint and escaping through narrow passage ways on the streets near the beach.\n\nChris and Cory are assigned undercover duty as high priced call girls in order to find an elusive South American gun dealer with a distinctive tattoo on his rear end. To complicate matters, Cory's new boyfriend's upper class parents are staying in the same hotel and the boyfriend has not revealed to them what Cory does for a living.\n\nElvis has a crush on a young woman that works at Helen's Bike Shop and keeps ordering unneeded replacement parts in order to keep seeing her. His hangup is his inability to communicate well in English, so he enlists the aid of T.C. Callaway at the other end of a computer terminal. His dream turns to horror as he finds he can't keep up with the young lover he so desperately pursued."
Season 2 - Pacific Blue
"Timothy Stone, the F.B.I. agent who worked with the Bike Patrol on the bombing case in \"\"Lights Out\"\", returns to the Firehouse to get Cory and Chris' assistance in investigating a counterfeit ring operating in Santa Monica. Chris and Cory both find themselves attracted to Agent Stone, but when he and Cory begin a romance, Chris feels betrayed.\n\nThe counterfeiter, Lazlo Parkes-- who the Treasury Department has nicknamed \"\"Rumplestiltskin\"\" -- has been passing off fake $100 bills at Santa Monica hotspots with the help of a trio of women: Bree, Sheila and Lana. Lazlo is plotting to exchange one million in fake bills for a supply of heroin from drug lord Alejandro Cruz-- a drug deal that Palermo has ordered T.C. and Victor to investigate. Little does Lazlo expect that Bree is plotting with boyfriend Nicky Mink to kill Lazlo and take off with the money... until the other two women discover the plan."
Season 3 - Pacific Blue
"The squad investigates the \"\"Letterhead Beatings\"\" in which several people have been assaulted, tied to their beds, and the first letter of their last names is carved into their foreheads. Palermo is certain there is a message here, but his inability to solve it in time to prevent further victims compounds his burn-out. When the letters add up to spell A-L-E-R-M-O, the solution appears. Palermo realizes the attacks are personal.\n\nChris and T.C. discover she's pregnant. T.C. proposes marriage, but Chris refuses to \"\"get married at the end of a shotgun.\"\" Each fantasizes about impending parenthood, but just as they're settling into the idea, they learn that Chris is not pregnant after all.\n\nPalermo hosts the daughter of his high school sweetheart, a young aspiring actress. A night of dinner and wine lead to lovemaking... and serious morning-after regrets from Palermo, who is already suffering from a mid-life crisis. This and the Letterhead Beatings make him question his current path in life. A"
Season 4 - Pacific Blue
"After a high profile Hispanic leader, JOHN PATRONE, who is trying to bring an end to warring gang factions in Santa Monica is slain by a snipers bullet, our young recruits finds the main suspect is a likeable motorcycle mechanic whose daughter committed suicide a year before. When it is learned she was pregnant by PATRONE, and that he was involved in drug dealing and gun running, it appears that this good citizen took the law into his own hands to bring the man down. By episode's end, Bobby Cruz is arrested for concealing evidence and the three other new Pacific Blue cops are under arrest as well.\n\nCannon Boy, a teenager obsessed with firing himself from a cannon, is pursued on the beach."
Season 5 - Pacific Blue
"While Russ, Bobby, Monica and Jamie are out tracking pot growers in the Santa Monica mountains, Chris Kelly returns to visit a wounded T.C. Callaway, who's fighting addiction to pain pills, as well as kidnap victim Cory McNamara.All hell breaks loose when Chris finds out T.C. slept with her best friend, Cory, and that Cory doesn't know if her pregnancy is the result of Will Blake or T.C. Callaway. The season-ending cliffhanger occurs when Cory opens the blood test results to find out which one is the father."